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Motion - Examples/tutorial

35sheep on 27. Jul, 2012 — Lang: English

Motion - Examples/tutorial
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  • Fabiolars 2.7.2015
    Awesome tutorial.
  • fredericbaylot 22.9.2014
    très sympa !
  • Brizzo59 14.5.2013
    I will be playing with these from now on.
  • thecomedyhen 8.4.2013
    Wel done, i'm faving and bookmarking this
  • paco_de_pinda 2.8.2012
    great!.. and funny
  • ourWorld_Online 1.8.2012
    really fun & helpful tutorial
  • roundhead 31.7.2012
    Haha love it! One question: for showing motion of someone on the ground (walking/running) do you still use multi lines behind the body, or just a line (or two?) low and close to the ground?
  • syke 31.7.2012
    hahahhaa@ calm. better do some physics..
  • syke 31.7.2012
    back in the Potter season?
  • stihl 30.7.2012
  • Elgar 29.7.2012
    very well made :D
  • MadameCercle 28.7.2012
    Trop mignon !
  • Fiolet 28.7.2012
    Hahaha. For some reason, I think of the word 'adorable' when I see this. ^^ Very nice.
  • ryoko 28.7.2012
    Awesome... And it made me giggle
  • NeoChomik 28.7.2012
    Well it does take a little practice
  • 35sheep 28.7.2012
    @Calm: So pleased you liked it. Now let us se you USE it! ;-D
  • calm 28.7.2012
    Thanks so much! This is exactly what I wanted. You have no idea how many times I have needed this probably do know because you have seen many of my silly strips without motion. :-). I had no idea that straight lines could be so helpful. I kept thinking that i needed curved lines around the tail feathers, but it just didn't look right. I also have to say, the facial expressions you used are ones I've never thought to use. Duh! I still have so much to learn, but having people like you who create great work and don't mind sharing is what I love about SG. Thanks again...I eally appreciate you taking the time to show make this strip for me. :-)
  • gregheffleydude1 28.7.2012
    Very funny.
  • cirkuz 28.7.2012
    well done examples...
  • EdWilder 27.7.2012

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