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Van Gogh to Kandinsky

rukowski on 11. Jul, 2012 — Lang: English

Van Gogh to Kandinsky
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    I intend to visit soon it was here and is now in Scotland

    Van Gogh to Kandinsky: Symbolist Landscape in Europe 1880-1910
    Richard Thomson, Frances Fowle and Rodolphe Rapetti

    This is the exhibition catalogue for Van Gogh to Kandinsky: Symbolist Landscape in Europe 1880-1910 which runs from 14th July − 14th October 2012 in the upper galleries of the Academy at the Scottish National Gallery. It is the first publication dedicated to symbolist landscape painting in Europe.

    Symbolism was an innovative movement in late nineteenth-century culture. Adapting or rejecting straightforward description, symbolist artists sought more imaginative and suggestive approaches. However, their art remained emphatically modern, intersecting with currents in literature and music, nationalism and science.

    This catalogue focuses on the landscapes of major avant-garde artists such as Gauguin, Van Gogh, Munch, Mondrian and Kandinsky, and highlights other brilliantly inventive artists from throughout Europe such as Hammershøi, Hodler, Khnopff and Gallen-Kallela who are set alongside the visionary British art of Leighton, Millais and Watts. It is beautifully illustrated with a range of atmospheric and poetic images from the period 1880-1910. The accompanying essays by acknowledged experts in the field provide a new chapter in the history of landscape painting.

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    Van Gogh to Kandinsky: Symbolist Landscape in Europe 1880–1910

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