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Max's Musings 2: Teddy's "Little" Break

itscircusboy on 5. Jul, 2012 — Lang: English

Max's Musings 2: Teddy's "Little" Break
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    So, this Max (and definitely not me) talking about how I need to make more strips. Fair enough. I will. AND THEY WILL ALL BE ABOUT HIM AND MARY SHELLEY!


    And if you don't know what shipping is. Don't ask. Don't let it into your heart, or you will think of nothing else. You will begin shipping your friends, your teachers or colleagues, even strangers. RUN.



    I thought I'd do another Max's Musings because the last one was so well received *cough, cough* but mainly because it's a fun way for ICB to vent all the doubt he has in his work.

    And so to vent... First of all, why won't Teddy just REST this damn Mary and Max thing he's going on about ALL THE TIME! He even got his friend who reads these strips to ship me and her! AND WHY ARE THERE SO MANY JEFF BOOKLETS?! Are there really that many sub-plots? I see TWO:
    1) Jeff loves Jeffette and they are dating
    2) Jeff is blind and needs glasses but he doesn't get that.
    And that first one can get PREEETTY creepy. I had a dream the other day where they had children and they had no hair and frown lines and they crawled all over me and smothered me too death! Urgh, makes me shudder. Although the other day, I was bored and started wandering around Teddy's mind, and he was dreaming about cat-turtle babies. GUESS WHO WERE THE PARENTS?!
    Plus, I thought Tom was his main focus, but he puts way more work into Stay Strong, Don't Say Sorry and even Jeff than Tom! He hasn't done a Tom in almost a year! And that clown he designed for that "planned circus series"?! WHERE DID THAT GO?! Teddy needs to start making more strips FAST, and drop the Mary and Me thing!

    Teddy! More strips, less ships, okay?

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