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Shark 4D

roundhead on 3. Jul, 2012 — Lang: English

Shark 4D
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    SHARK 3D


    What the hell does "3DD" even mean?

    That's nothing! I made Shark 4D!

    4D? Isn't the fourth dimension "time"? Time-traveling sharks?

    Yes! It means even when you think you're're not! Say, didn't you swim in the ocean last week?

    Suddenly I don't feel so good!

    Shark 4D, Time Travel
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  • Fiolet 30.7.2012
    Haha, these two crack me up. xD
  • Elgar 10.7.2012
    :D I want to write 3DD comment :)
  • 35sheep 3.7.2012
  • calm 3.7.2012
    Hilarious. This totally made me laugh out loud! :-)

    BTW, has the shark been cutting his hair all these years too? :-)
  • bluesockmonkey 3.7.2012
    oh swell--yet another thing i gotta worry about!
  • roundhead 3.7.2012
    Heresy! *Sends a shark after you yesterday*
  • ourWorld_Online 3.7.2012
    I thought 4D was when the movie had physical effects such as: seat vibrations, wind, stobe lights, tilting seats, and so on...
  • opeluna1 3.7.2012

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