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A Great Fall

EdWilder on 30. Jun, 2012 — Lang: English

A Great Fall
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  • calm 27.6.2014
    Sweet! So him and your word play! :-)
  • itscircusboy 1.7.2012
    Ba dum tish.
  • gregheffleydude1 1.7.2012
    Very clever! XD
  • syke 30.6.2012
    :_) An a happy Easter too!!
  • wich 30.6.2012
  • Scales 30.6.2012
    Fun fact: In the poem Humpty Dumpty, it never says that he was an egg.
  • stihl 30.6.2012
  • cirkuz 30.6.2012
    his fall was great but he went to pieces after that...
  • thecomedyhen 30.6.2012
    very nice, made my morning brother
  • Stiltsen 30.6.2012
  • rukowski 30.6.2012
    i will be honest and say i find a lot of this boring and similar while that is not a bad thing
    I would like to see you explore areas alien to you

    you were on my radar very quickly

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