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Follow the rules,or take an axe.

Flamingdeath on 26. Jun, 2012 — Lang: English

Follow the rules,or take an axe.
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    Don't you just love the bunny with his passion for rules and regulations? He's like a killer teachers pet!



    Questers,rule #495879 section xj9r6w0 atricle 4582 states that I will take you to the Mistress at the earliest convienence.

    That would be now.

    Well then,Kevin.

    Lead the way.

    I will,thank you very much.Please do not break any rules for I will use my axe on you.

    And just what rules might we break?

    Why is Kevin still carrying around a candle?

    Who knows?There are so many rules and just me to enforce them.I do my job well,and I could show you my certificates if you want.

    No thank you.We're good.

    Alright then.We are passing through the Hall of Leaders now.No flash photography please.



    Errrr.....none of us have cameras.


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  • calm 28.6.2012 flash photography, please! Awesome characters & fun plot! :-)
  • NeoChomik 27.6.2012
  • kennyreid 27.6.2012
    love it your back
  • abrotons 26.6.2012
  • abrotons 26.6.2012
    your characters are so scary
  • cirkuz 26.6.2012
    main rule kill everyone that breaks the rules...
    rule number two in case of doubt see rule number one...
  • Azzie13 26.6.2012
    Without rules there will be chaos.... I am an agent of chaos <3

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