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The handicapped beaver the visits your dreams

Flamingdeath on 26. Jun, 2012 — Lang: English

The handicapped beaver the visits your dreams
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    Do you like how simple the title is?



    *There is flute music in the backround.

    Hey there Ninja! Haveing a nice time medatating?

    Who are you?!

    Relax,man.I'm just the handicapped beaver that visits your dreams.

    I have to tell you someting.


    They only decided to let us all live because they still can benifit from us!

    I knew this guy who was a delivery guy.Once on a delivery to the Land of Horrors, he was missing for a week!

    When he came back,he kept having flashbacks,and went on a killing spree.

    It wasn't his fault though.He couldn't help it.

    So what do you want me to do?Abandon the quest?Never!

    I'm just saying don't trust the Horrors when you meet them.They wouldn't think twice about killing you. should wake up now.That weird rabbit is waiting outside the door creepily.

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