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To Nathan2 by Kio / Anonymous

anonymous on 24. Jun, 2012 — Lang: English

To Nathan2 by Kio / Anonymous
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    I am hanging around here on SG as "Anonymous" because my account doesn't work anymore. Here's "Life's Journey"

    - Once again, Thank you Wich for the 1st. place with Opeluna! :) And please, I would like to see you use my Swan in one of your strips. You can find it in my library!



    To Nathan2 - I am Anonymous.
    I did it. It is me, Kio. It wasn't Wich who dide the "Anonymous-Entry"- it was me.
    When I wrote in my Palm-Entry-Strip's Description "Reminds you of?" I was reffering to my other strip
    "Life's Journey" - Check it out, and see that they are almost alike. I love the blue moon/sun in the background.

    - Sincerely Kio, whose account doesn't work anymore.

    Palm, Contest, Wich, Kio, Joker
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