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The Treasure of Matlalcihuatzin 12

abrotons on 23. Jun, 2012 — Lang: English

The Treasure of Matlalcihuatzin 12
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  • calm 10.6.2015
    This series was amazing, abrotons! We were all so amazed at the detailed artwork and entertaining storyline that we didn't notice your error. I guess we all have made a boo boo here and there. Thanks for sharing this with me! :-)
  • abrotons 18.2.2015
    JR: es que este dibujo esta dentro del contexto de una historia mas larga que incluía el uso de avatares de SG
  • JRMarklin 18.2.2015
    La iglesia en si, fantastica. Pero los personajes desentonan...
  • Crazyzee 2.11.2014
    The artwork and attention to detail are so well done!
  • abrotons 21.9.2012
    thanks Varg
    I appreciate your comment
  • Varg 21.9.2012
    Great looking church!!
  • MatthewChicken 28.8.2012
    this is very nice
  • Maoriman 3.8.2012
    Very classy!
  • abrotons 13.7.2012
    paco, and everybody
    this is my first 30 likes

    without Veronique
    I wouldn't have reached this
  • paco_de_pinda 13.7.2012
    Hehehe.. great building! My pc would lag as hell when I'm trying to build that. (Or else I don't have enough time and just have to public an unfinished strip, and then I'm sad :( )^^
  • abrotons 3.7.2012
    not 2016
  • abrotons 3.7.2012
    I've just noticed
    a great mistake:
    the year should 2012
  • calm 29.6.2012
    Look at this strip! Well done!
    Big congrats to you! :-)
  • abrotons 27.6.2012
    es una mezcla de todo un poco!
  • lordiceman 27.6.2012
    suena como a "el codigo da vinci"
  • Stiltsen 26.6.2012
    Nicely done!!!
  • stihl 26.6.2012
  • Ambrosius77 26.6.2012
    Well deserved bribery! awesome details again. congratulations
  • Eona 25.6.2012
    Hehehe, I See Meeh! :D Nice Art :D
  • Veronique 25.6.2012
    Oooh! mi amor!!!!
    Felicidades en el bribed!
    Qué encantador!

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