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Palma de Cera del Quindio

opeluna1 on 23. Jun, 2012 — Lang: No text

Palma de Cera del Quindio
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  • qenene 28.6.2012
    Genial perspectiva de lo que se ve tumbado a la sombra de una palmera.

    Aunque es tan recta que parece una de esas antenas de telefonía que hacen con forma de árbol para disimularse en el paisaje.
  • Magique 26.6.2012
  • stihl 26.6.2012
  • Ambrosius77 26.6.2012
    Congratulations. I love the perspective here
  • thecomedyhen 24.6.2012
    so high, so pretty
  • asfaltocaldo 24.6.2012
    great image ope, nice framing too
    congs on winning the contest and on bribed!
  • miskec 24.6.2012
  • Maoriman 24.6.2012
    Great perspective this Opeluna... gratzy on bribed!
  • syke 24.6.2012
    Congratulations on bribed!!
    Your picture looks as if it had been taken by a photographer, in an unusual but terrific angle.
  • MayFiolet 24.6.2012
    Congratz on bribed!
  • BaalMoloch 24.6.2012
  • wich 24.6.2012
    Aaah - so beautiful !
  • opeluna1 23.6.2012
    Hi Kenny! say hi to her for me, please
    now that I have two weeks off from work, I'll be doing more stuff here
    thanks, to both of you ;) ♥
  • kennyreid 23.6.2012
    ashley said hi, she misses your art work
  • Zoltar 23.6.2012
    CONGA !!!!
  • Veronique 23.6.2012
    oh ! DIOS!
    qué perspectiva!!!!!!!
  • rukowski 23.6.2012
  • gregheffleydude1 23.6.2012
    Gratz on bribed.
  • opeluna1 23.6.2012
    @Scales, no monkeys where these trees grow
  • Scales 23.6.2012
    You need a monkey at the top flipping people off. That would make it perfect.

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