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This place deserves a better class of criminal

Ambrosius77 on 18. Jun, 2012 — Lang: No text

This place deserves a better class of criminal
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  • Simpleshit 19.9.2012
    What The.......Fave For Sure
  • GodzArt 17.9.2012
  • purplekiss 16.9.2012
    this is brilliant. faved!
  • scorpion6782 13.9.2012
    Cool villian, looks like batman and the green goblin mixed. :)
  • Spunkn 9.8.2012
    Wonderful background design! Very cool character as well!
  • rukowski 30.7.2012
    like a statue if u dont let it move
  • Eona 30.7.2012
    Woow! Favs :)
  • Rudevald 20.7.2012
    Simply Amazing
  • paco_de_pinda 17.7.2012
    Amazing strip! I like the effects but I love the sharp character even more! (faved)

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  • Ambrosius77 17.7.2012
    Drachir my friend!!! You are back!

    ***BIG HUG***
  • Drachir 16.7.2012
    Did you drop your baby at the bottom of the blues?
    Well, everybody's gotta suffer for all the things you choose
    Well, I need you sweetie, I ain't got the nerve
    You can do what you please but you get what you deserve

    Don't know if they told ya the year that I come from
    They were talkin' 'bout a revolution, talking about Vietnam
    Well, you can't quite remember, baby ain't you heard?
    You can do what you please but you get what you deserve

    Sooner or later some kind of savior
    Is gonna come down through the roof
    Do me a favor let me off easy when you do

    I don't need no doctor, I don't need no truth
    I'm goin' to California, honey I'm bulletproof
    Just a strange believer runnin' on the word
    Well, do what you please but you get what you deserve, oh yeah

    (Get what you deserve)
  • Elgar 11.7.2012
    wow..... like and fav...
  • Roki 28.6.2012
    What this is, this picture is amazing let's see another 43 thumbs up that I could give Like
  • Roki 27.6.2012
    It will be fast trust me :D
  • Roki 27.6.2012
    You will get my like when thumbs up is on 99 xD
  • stihl 26.6.2012
  • stihl 26.6.2012
  • Flamingdeath 26.6.2012
    I LOVE the curved lines. I also love anarchy,but if it's all good why throw a wrench in things, I guess.
  • rukowski 26.6.2012
    missed this one

    looks like u had fun ;)
  • Roki 24.6.2012
    How u made this frend ! U know this is some mad skills :D

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