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Liberty Prime

NeoChomik on 15. Jun, 2012 — Lang: No text

Liberty Prime
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  • dadebomb123 2.7.2012
    Heavy boots of lead
    fills his victims full of dread
    Running as fast as they can
    Liberty Prime will rise
  • Roki 28.6.2012
    good job :)
  • dadebomb123 24.6.2012
    @Ambrosius77: i agree but he was only in 1/2 real quest lines in the final game (in the broken steel add-on that contines the game after the end, because you die without the add-on, geting hit and destroyed by an orbital strike) and the fact he was bult in 2077 (still primitive robots) in the fallout universe (to help with the liberation of alaska from the chinese communists but unfortunatly he choudnt do so because of problems with his massive energy comsuption) The brootherhood of steel fixed this problem in time for an assalt on the water pureifier controled by the enclave (the main antagonists in fallout 2 and 3) in the year 2277 and again on a satalite relay (where an orbital strike kills him), so there is no point have an awesome charictor that you barely see in the game...

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  • syke 21.6.2012
    ouch. this ones' damn good!!
  • miskec 21.6.2012
    very good
  • Ambrosius77 18.6.2012
    I made some research on this. Some of the concept art was way better what they put int o the final game.
    But definitely it is one of the most remarkable character in video games that was made in the past few years.
  • stihl 17.6.2012
  • Marle 16.6.2012
    Awesome! Favorited :-)
  • dadebomb123 16.6.2012
    @MilkMan: Liberty Prime's original purpose was to aid AMERICAN troops in the liberation of Anchorage, Alaska from Chinese occupation in the year 2077.
  • kennyreid 16.6.2012
    looks like the iron giant
  • YIP 15.6.2012
  • ourWorld_Online 15.6.2012
  • cirkuz 15.6.2012
    far out dude!
  • Maoriman 15.6.2012
    He/she looks awesome Neo...
  • EdWilder 15.6.2012
    Very cool robot!
  • 35sheep 15.6.2012
  • Rudevald 15.6.2012
    I efing love it
  • dadebomb123 15.6.2012
    "Communism is a lie!"
  • Streetin 15.6.2012
  • abrotons 15.6.2012

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