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You're already guilty

jhybe on 15. Jun, 2012 — Lang: English

You're already guilty
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    Don't say a word. You're already guilty.

    Huh? Guilty of what?

    I don't know.
    Could be anything.
    Trying to overthrow the government.
    Saying something bad about someone.
    Trying to hurt a person's good rep.

    But I haven't even done anything!

    Too bad. The new section 114A of the Evidence Act assumes you're guilty anyway.

    But it wasn't me!
    My Facebook got hacked by some asshole last week. I'm still trying to get them back!

    I told you. Doesn't matter. If it's got your name, your face, your nick, your smell, your whatever, you're guilty.

    You on Facebook? Twitter?

    I saw on your wall you joined 1MIllion Malaysians against curry ayam yesterday. Dude.. that's potentially seditious!

    What kind of $&*! law is this!!


    stop114a, freedom of expression, justice, Malaysia
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