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Planet tutorial #1 - Jupiter type

Varg on 11. Jun, 2012 — Lang: English

Planet tutorial #1 - Jupiter type
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  • OccamsRayzor 27.7.2013
    This is really excellent! I think I must have "liked" this but not commented, when I was keeping a low profile. I love the colours of this 'hot Jupiter' and the star.
  • Fizzle 26.11.2012
    I totally agree with calm!
  • calm 19.6.2012
    Oh my goodness! How cool is this?
    Thanks so much for sharing your discoveries! :-)
  • syke 16.6.2012
    very good tutorial!!!
  • stihl 14.6.2012
    so amazing
  • Neinire 13.6.2012
    fantastic! I will try it
  • sdrawkcabemanym 13.6.2012
    These are immense
  • bjonson 13.6.2012
    Thanks a lot. Helped out.
  • MZZA 13.6.2012
    so pretty Q~Q
  • 35sheep 13.6.2012
    Grats Varg!!! Great having you back!
  • MJardin 12.6.2012
    Awesome tip!
  • Cornel 12.6.2012
    Great tutorial! :)
  • Eona 12.6.2012
    Nicee Me Like :)
  • Varg 12.6.2012
    Thanks guys, you are awesome! Double bribed after months away from SG feels very good!

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  • Elgar 12.6.2012
  • Veronique 12.6.2012
  • JRMarklin 12.6.2012
    As I always say to the tutorials, you always learn something
    Como siempre digo con los tutorials, siempre se aprende algo
  • Quag54 12.6.2012
    I must figure this out one of these days.
    Thanks, Varg :D
  • qenene 12.6.2012
    @35sheep, if you want a real planet, go up there and take a photo... ;D
  • Varg 12.6.2012
    @sheepy: But they at least look circular, unlike the SG circle. So there! ;P

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