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Summer Stroll

Varg on 11. Jun, 2012 — Lang: No text

Summer Stroll
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    First strip in quite a while now! I have been at school, and the public computers there, that used to have flash installed, now lack it... so no strips for me while there... But, I´m at home now, so expect strips in abundance!

    This strip is a reply to Heat, Ocean sunset, Himalayan sunset, in and out
    summer, landscape, nature, tree, sky, woman, sun, varg
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  • Fabiolars 19.7.2015
    It´s a beauty.

    edited by owner

  • OccamsRayzor 26.9.2013
    I keep discovering great strips that I've missed in the past. This is wonderful!
  • Elgar 10.5.2013
  • calm 19.6.2012
    Oh, Varg, you do know how to make an entrance! This is soooo LOVELY! You could sell this! :-)
  • syke 16.6.2012
  • EdWilder 15.6.2012
    How did I miss this beautiful piece? Simply wonderful!!
  • Varg 13.6.2012
    Spam deleted!! Bwahahaha!!
  • Eona 13.6.2012
    No One Really Shops Online, So Why Do People Still Post Stuff?
  • Cornel 12.6.2012
    Awesome! :) Hmm, I never thought about doing white silhouettes!
  • Varg 12.6.2012
    Thanks guys!

    @Benico: this sky is white, yellow and pink (inverted green), blurred and opaque... check out my tutorials, I have two that explain how I make skies...
  • Benico 12.6.2012
    wow! are we using the same SG tools ??? how did you succeed to draw this orange sky ?
  • Veronique 12.6.2012
    qué belleza!
  • NBSloth 12.6.2012
    I`m a fan:-)
  • 35sheep 12.6.2012
  • rukowski 12.6.2012
  • Neinire 12.6.2012
    vargstyle again excellent
  • ourWorld_Online 12.6.2012
  • Varg 12.6.2012
    Thanks for bribing me already guys! Feels like a welcome home gift... lol!
  • Fiolet 12.6.2012
    This.. is incredible! O____O OMG, I love it :D +++
  • miskec 12.6.2012

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