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Presidant Snow

saVage_kaula on 31. May, 2012 — Lang: English

Presidant Snow
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    why did you choose that little missy now if she dies her parents are gonna be really sad.She's so to little to be in hunger games but They chose her so lets hope she get far.

    The new tributes are Rue,Peeta, & Prim

    I'll take her place

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    take the people out,dont just let there bodies sit there.

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    come on rue

    Weres Peeta

    Do you think your making the right dession by changing the rules,are you even aloud to

    don't just let Katniss out smart you stop the game and announce who the winners in or your gonna be in big trouble.

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    ok sir im on it

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    yes it said in the book we could change it sir i cheacked.

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