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Honest Abe

EdWilder on 30. May, 2012 — Lang: No text

Honest Abe
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  • SnakePlissken 12.8.2012
    Is he shared?
  • syke 11.8.2012
    A true man with true principles.,This one is forever favd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • SnakePlissken 11.8.2012
  • kennyreid 31.5.2012
    hey abe
  • calm 31.5.2012
    How on earth do you turn these strips out so quickly? Well done! :-)
  • syke 30.5.2012
    This is the man!!
  • 35sheep 30.5.2012
  • Stiltsen 30.5.2012
    You been busy man, awesome work.
  • benjamin895 30.5.2012
    another unique portrait, nicely done..
  • Quag54 30.5.2012
    close Scales, but no cigar
  • gregheffleydude1 30.5.2012
    Awesome work!
  • Scales 30.5.2012
    Americas first president who freed the Jews from slavery in Egypt. He was assassinated at the theater. I believe he was watching "Cats" when he was shot by John Wilkes right in the booth.

    Stay in school, kids.

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