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A New Start Act 2-4

SnakeYukin on 29. May, 2012 — Lang: English

A New Start Act 2-4
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    So in the battle between me and Noonie sometime back, for her to get wings, she had to transform. Like me, she's gotten a few new tricks and abilities during the time between said fight and the start of this series.

    This strip is a reply to A New Start Act 2-3





    Idiot! I told you we need to come up with a plan!

    Really, I thought you said step up like a man.


    Damn it, did he even dodge?!
    Will I have to take him to a lodge?

    'Cause if he's dead, this fight just got harder.

    'Cause if he's dead, this fight just got harder.

    Trying to take down a cat with plans of murder.

    If I stay on the ground, I'll be at quite a disadvantage.

    Luckily my fight with Snake had one advantage...

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