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Rocky and Me #2 Battle of Wits

kennyreid on 27. May, 2012 — Lang: No text

Rocky and Me #2 Battle of Wits
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  • kennyreid 27.5.2012
    At ambro: cheers buddy very awesome comment as always. Glad you like the drawing style, its proved sucessful and easy to constuct, its a test for a planned series, so I'm hopeful that it will be successful.

    I also think the silent aproach will be better for non English speaking members
  • SnakeYukin 27.5.2012
    Running away!
  • Ambrosius77 27.5.2012
    This hand-shaken sketch style of your avatar is utterly original and awesome looking.

    Fantastic silent strip again, only the best of the best can make comic strip like this
  • miskec 27.5.2012
  • benjamin895 27.5.2012
    haha oh, it's on now rocky!!
  • NeoChomik 27.5.2012
  • abrotons 27.5.2012
  • dadebomb123 27.5.2012
  • Magique 27.5.2012
  • Stiltsen 27.5.2012
    Whoa... I started to trip right out there, faved.
  • ourWorld_Online 27.5.2012
    Your artwork is amazing. Faved.

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  • calm 27.5.2012
    Cute! Very, very cute! :-)
  • Fiolet 27.5.2012
    Hahahaha x'D I love the end face and that Rocky suddenly moves like a pro :P Nicely made!
  • gregheffleydude1 27.5.2012
    Nice job.

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