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Zoltar in fancy clothes.

abrotons on 15. May, 2012 — Lang: English

Zoltar in fancy clothes.
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  • MadameCercle 17.7.2017
    Houlà !!!
  • abrotons 1.12.2012
    ya está todo bien
  • Veronique 1.12.2012
    Sorry por esto...
    estaba ...tú sabes donde estaba...
    con el corazón de madre ...
  • abrotons 23.9.2012
    Paco: this is an old one
    it was a contest to dress up zoltar
    but now, reading about Aztec culture... well, the people sacrificed to the gods, after four years, are given the chance to go back to earth as humming birds

    but when I drew this one I didn't even know that I was to draw The Treasure of Matlalcihuatzin
  • paco_de_pinda 23.9.2012
    What's happened to zoltar?? Why is he dressed like a parrot? :3
  • abrotons 5.6.2012
    saliendo de quien salen, pues jederán!
  • ReGnuM 5.6.2012
    ya me imagino claro pero molan mas como rayos pediles y pestosos jajajaaj :D
  • abrotons 5.6.2012
    bueno, quería ser la cola, que conste en acta
  • ReGnuM 5.6.2012
    jajajaj esto ke eeeees? me parto me parto!! Le salen rayos por el culo!! jajajajaa moooooola :D
  • Stiltsen 26.5.2012
  • hellopeople82 20.5.2012
    This made my day!
  • MayFiolet 19.5.2012
    Nice costume!
  • Magique 17.5.2012
  • Fiolet 16.5.2012
    Hahaha x'D Zoltar FTW!
  • ZorraDelArtico 15.5.2012
    jajajajaja Buenísimo!!!!Felicidades!
  • USA1940 15.5.2012
    LOL! Nice job! :)
  • opeluna1 15.5.2012
  • abrotons 15.5.2012
    Uhmm tendré que probar el ZSD
  • gregheffleydude1 15.5.2012
    LOL. Nice job.
  • qenene 15.5.2012
    Point and... Fire !

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