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Wollo on 21. Apr, 2012 — Lang: English

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    A pig minding his own buisness

    When suddenly

    Come here, Piggy

    And that's how bacon is made son.

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  • Quag54 23.4.2012
    sad, but true.
  • Wollo 22.4.2012
    @JerimiasWorld, as a matter of fact yes. Turns out the bacon had a lot of growth hormones in it.
  • JerimiasWorld 21.4.2012
    Why does the kid have a mustache? Is that what happens when you eat too much bacon? o__O
  • NBSloth 21.4.2012
  • NeoChomik 21.4.2012
    storytelling like a boss
  • LauraBoo 21.4.2012
    Apparently bacon is the thing most likely to turn a vegetarian back into a meat eater- maybe not if they see this though. ;)

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