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Anti Propaganda

Wollo on 11. Apr, 2012 — Lang: No text

Anti Propaganda
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    This strip was made to say that Fox News is propaganda and that we should get rid of it, along with CNN and MSNBC. I'm neither a Democrat nor a Republican.

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  • abrotons 16.4.2012
  • Wollo 12.4.2012
    @MJardin, I agree with you completely!
  • NeoChomik 12.4.2012
    I do not watch it :P
  • luvarisca 12.4.2012
    How if Firefox?
  • MJardin 12.4.2012
    What is truly sad are the thousands upon thousands of my 'fellow citizens' who think this station is fair and balanced in its coverage.
    It is seriously painful.
    No wonder so much of the world hates us.
  • vogelbekdier 11.4.2012
    Boo Fox yay BBC indeed.
    Bill O'Reilly is a freak.
  • Maoriman 11.4.2012
    Fair enuff...
  • kennyreid 11.4.2012
    booooooo fox, yay bbc
  • Wollo 11.4.2012
    Yes, it is quite embarrassing! The worst part is that he's not the only one!
  • Wollo 11.4.2012
    @Nathan2, cool i used to live in England! But anyway, if you look up some clips of Bill O'Reilly (A major Fox News host), you can easily see how much of a idiot he is.
  • Wollo 11.4.2012
    @Nathan2, yes it is American. I presume you do not live in America, am I correct?
  • Zoltar 11.4.2012
    Just the usual mainstream media, move along people! :D
  • Wollo 11.4.2012
    @Nathan2, don't watch it. It's biased, and so is CNN and MSNBC.
  • NBSloth 11.4.2012
    Fox news brrr

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