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"stock elements" Winner - n°4

BaalMoloch on 9. Apr, 2012 — Lang: English

"stock elements" Winner - n°4
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  • QuickRedFox 12.4.2012
    Whoa! I never. Seriously. Wow. Thank you. Thank you all. Seriously. Wow. And remember kids: Sharing is like giving!
  • calm 11.4.2012
    Congrats to QRF, OR, NPB, & FL! Thanks for hosting a fun contest! :-)
  • ourWorld_Online 11.4.2012
  • benjamin895 10.4.2012
    congratz quickredfox:)
  • NeoChomik 10.4.2012
    gratz to the winner fairly deserved
  • BaalMoloch 10.4.2012
    I'm surprised by your reaction, you're usually so cool.
    Of course I see your entry but my strip reply was ready and saved in my library for a week.
    I have not made ​​another drawing, sorry that you're upset.
  • cirkuz 10.4.2012
    i entered this fucked up contest maori...
    yeah he didnt see my entry and then it just so happened the slime fuck came up with the same idea...
    what was i thinking?!
  • Maoriman 10.4.2012
    @cirkuz. Dude, granted the strip is very similar to yours; but think of Baal's past record. He's not someone who rips off other people's strips. He deserves the benefit of the doubt first m8...

    Congratz to the winners - awesome work all...

    edited by owner

  • cirkuz 10.4.2012
    not a memtion of me yet you rip off my exact strip? damn you suck balls asshole!
  • opeluna1 9.4.2012
    congratz @QRF!
  • gregheffleydude1 9.4.2012
    Gratz Fox!
  • 35sheep 9.4.2012
    Great contest - Good choice! Grats QRF!
  • sulegnA 9.4.2012
    U_U damn it, i miss this contests
    congratz to the winer!!!
  • Zoltar 9.4.2012
    CONGA @ Quick !
  • luvarisca 9.4.2012
    Conga, wait for the 5th :)
  • asfaltocaldo 9.4.2012
    great choice, conga to QRF!
    thanks Baal for another SE contest and nice strip too!
  • Magique 9.4.2012
    Bravo à Quick :)

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