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Puss in boots extract-Puss meats Humpty Dumpty

ChristopherS on 9. Apr, 2012 — Lang: English

Puss in boots extract-Puss meats Humpty Dumpty
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    You'll see why I posted this particular extract.



    What's your name again?

    *kitten's meow*

    Boy, you don't say much, do you? How about I call you Sparky?

    *shakes head*


    *shakes head*


    Note this bit. It's a real line from the film 'Puss in boots'.

    *consideres then shakes head*

    Ok, how about Puss?

    *nods happily*

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  • Magique 13.4.2012
    :) (:
  • dadebomb123 10.4.2012
    no, they made loads of film and other refrences

    notice i said refrences
  • ChristopherS 10.4.2012
    @dadebomb123: I doupt it. You don't realy name a sword wielding cat after a fortune telling machine which, at the time, doesn't even exist. I think it's more of a style thing.
  • luvarisca 10.4.2012
    Blessing Name @_@
  • dadebomb123 10.4.2012
    yeah the stupid machine that tells the future, like regans goblin (or ungly fucker as i call him)
  • ChristopherS 10.4.2012
    Zoltar machines?
  • dadebomb123 10.4.2012
    it may be just a refrence to the zoltar machines like a lot of the other refrences that the dreamworks team working on the shrek
  • gregheffleydude1 9.4.2012
    I love that movie.
  • MayFiolet 9.4.2012
    Haha, it's true. I saw the movie yesterday and when he said Zoltar, I was like: OMG LOL XD
  • dadebomb123 9.4.2012
    ... XD
  • ChristopherS 9.4.2012
    Yes. Realy. He does.
  • dadebomb123 9.4.2012
    he realy asks zoltar?

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