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Nudge, rotate, shrink a little and stroke!

QuickRedFox on 8. Apr, 2012 — Lang: English

Nudge, rotate, shrink a little and stroke!
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    Additional thoughts:

    Lozenges and Triangles are great for horizon lines. Using both, one can add mountains on the horizon as often seen in SG water/mountain reflection scenery. The half circle, (curve downwards) gives a horizon line resembling that of a desert. The spalt and water-drop can be used to create distant lakes or ocean horizons.

    This strip is a reply to SG Masonry Tutorial



    I - being one of them - have come here today to demonstrate a few tricks to make simples lines and shapes more appealing. Let us begin!

    Alrighty y'all, you've heard me talk about the half circle before and you've probably learned a lot from some of the fine tutorials found here and there by talented SG peeps.

    The denizens of Stripgeneratoria (that's you and me) are forced into using creative means of mixing and mashing shapes and objects in order to draw basic lines and shapes.

    Forced into this by design, by the limitations offered by the SG engine. Some have come to accept this as the lmits of a medium and thus took it upon themselves to challenge those limits....

    When creating a black shape you intend to cover with a white duplicate, try adding a slight deformation.

    Custom Shape






    Circle, Oval


    Moar fun!

    By using this technique, you will notice that your characters and syle will greatly improve. In most of the examples above, I apply a slight rotation, a slight resize and then offset the overlayed shape a little.

    Bonus tip! Here are some good elements for drawing what I like to call "a good straight line"...






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  • genmaes 13.11.2012
    Good tutorial
  • stihl 7.10.2012
  • paco_de_pinda 23.7.2012
    Awesome! I never thought about that! ^^. Faved!
    Edit: I'll use this tutorial for sure^^.

    edited by owner

  • QuickRedFox 13.4.2012
    @Calm That's why I thought of putting "good" instead of "bad" because it's not necessarily bad. A good balance of the two is usually best!
  • calm 11.4.2012
    I love the way you explained these tips. Funny, I always feel the need to have perfect duplicate shapes. That must be the non-artist in me. I will have to try your tip and apply the slight rotation. Thanks for showing the line shapes too. I appreciate you taking the time to share these techniques! :-)
  • DrakeMarsh 9.4.2012
    Nice. Thanks for the tip!
  • 35sheep 9.4.2012
    PS: Love the slippers!
  • 35sheep 9.4.2012
    Great tips - thanks!
  • Maoriman 9.4.2012
    Great tutorial...
  • benjamin895 9.4.2012
    experimenting is always fun..

    great lesson mate, cheers:)
  • Magique 8.4.2012
    I love your tutorial <3

    Faved !
  • Zoltar 8.4.2012
    FAVS !!
  • opeluna1 8.4.2012
    Awesome tutorial
    love the teacher there

  • OccamsRayzor 8.4.2012
    Good tutorial of 'outside the box' suggestions.
  • QuickRedFox 8.4.2012
    To teach is to learn. ;)
  • qenene 8.4.2012
    Ok, teacher! :D

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