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Aztec Comic Strip

Maya_M on 6. Apr, 2012 — Lang: English

Aztec Comic Strip
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    Well this is the place where we build our city!

    The Aztecs's prophecies told them to build a city where a eagle sat on a cactus.

    The Aztecs build their city on the marshes of the Valley of Mexico.

    The Aztecs sacrificed, drew blood and made offerings for the gods.

    This makes the gods powerful?!

    Woah, they float!!


    Preists and Nobles


    Merchants and Artisans

    Peasents and Slaves

    Aztec Social Structure

    The Aztecs depended on many things to keep the city functioning, like water wells

    You have 60 days to make an alliance with us!

    The Aztecs had 2 stages to conquer a empire.

    The Aztecs took over the enemy.

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