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How Aztec was founded

Trina_L on 5. Apr, 2012 — Lang: English

How Aztec was founded
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    Now, where is that egale


    How do we build our city here?

    I've got it, we make Chinampas

    Why do we sacrifice?

    We sacrifice because there were only four suns and the forth sun had gone but the gods saved us by sacrificing themselved to make a new sun and we have to keep giving blood to the sun

    How do we sacricfice?

    We set them on a stone, cut there chests open, pull their hearts out, and throw the body out down the steps of the temple. They can also self sacrifice by cutting parts of themelves off or by poking themselveds wiith something sharp to let blood out.

    Kid asks adult, Why do we sacrifice

    founders came up with idea

    double click to write...

    Founders are trouled how to build the city

    They found the egale

    They are looking for the egale

    Kid asks adult how do they sacrifice

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