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Buster sword

ChristopherS on 4. Apr, 2012 — Lang: No text

Buster sword
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    Hey. Big guy. Jack Nickleson called. He wants his buster sword back.
    Uhm. On second thoughts maybe you had better keep it.

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  • dadebomb123 9.4.2012
    the buster sword... a STUPIDLY massive sword that anyone who weilds it is defying the laws of logic
  • Maoriman 5.4.2012
    Big ass sword...
  • ChristopherS 4.4.2012
    Adamantium is a type of metal, not a type of sword. Any sword can be adamantium.
  • dadebomb123 4.4.2012
    i know i just saying that whould be a better sword to use
  • ChristopherS 4.4.2012
    First it's real name is a buster sword.
    Second you can get lego versions off eBay.
    Third the new death squad will be coming out when I come up with a new idea for the next part.

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  • dadebomb123 4.4.2012
    now that is an adimandiam sword

    when is the new death squad?
  • ChristopherS 4.4.2012
    Now on use in my library.

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