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Fast mouth tutorial

genmaes on 4. Apr, 2012 — Lang: Espanol

Fast mouth tutorial
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    Just the tutorial for fast mouth.
    The secret the most circles the softness



    Just see that you have to use five oval circles. Three for your upper lips and two for the down ones

    Now coping the same circles and puting they in white. You have to make the form of the mouth. See that I only change it in the upper lips

    Another example you can make it as smooth as you want adding more circles to correct the mouth.

    You see no mouth is exactly the same. So play with that.

    Ok now I put again another circles in the edges inside the mouth to make it softness

    Put the lines that every mouth have, some brights. And you have a perfect delightfull mouth that Katy Perry would like to kiss.

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