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SG Masonry Tutorial

QuickRedFox on 3. Apr, 2012 — Lang: English

SG Masonry Tutorial
  • This strip is a reply to SG Drawing tip.



    The rock!

    One of the most essential building blocks of society.

    Is a magical element given to us by the SG gods.


    Step #1 Build a bigger rock.

    Keep it simple, dont go too crazy 3 to 5 elements per rock is good.

    Group each rock. I find grouping things while you work seems to clear up the SG engine a bit.

    Step #2 (optional) Read some books on masonry to get a real grasp of it.

    Step #3, build some friggin' walls! Here, we build an ancient wall...

    Make a row, select it all ungroup it and regroup it

    Duplicate the row and flip horiztonal, or make a new one. Stack them and ungroup then regroup them.

    Got it? Now let's try using one rock type only...

    All that grouping and ungrouping makes it that you can now save your wall!

    I'm sure you get the idea!
    Be creative, there's lotsa elements you can use for masonry!

    Here's a couple examples...

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