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Mayan Comic Strip

Maya_M on 3. Apr, 2012 — Lang: English

Mayan Comic Strip
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    I'm a ruler, I was the highest authority in the Government, I was Half God and half Human!

    Nobles and Preists

    I'm a noble, I ran the kingdom with the ruler and collected taxes

    I'm a priest, I maintatained the relationship between the Mayans and the Gods

    Merchants and Artisans

    I got Sheep!

    This is Art!

    Merchants sold things using the river and Artisans made art to make the gods happy.

    Peasants and Slaves

    Uggg I hate hard work!

    I am sooo cramped in this house!

    Peasents had to work on monuments, but were free. Slaves were not free and had to work at their masters house.

    Mayan Religion

    Mayan's sacrificed people and things to give the gods "Power".

    Mayans cut and burned plant life and collected the crops

    Mayans cut the crops and used them to feed their population, then they burnt the land

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