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My death note

ChristopherS on 1. Apr, 2012 — Lang: No text

My death note
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  • ChristopherS 9.4.2012
    Death note lets you kill them in any realistic and possible way. You can choose when (so long as it's within 23 days of entering their name), where ( so long as they can be there within the set time) and how (so long as it's possible).
  • dadebomb123 9.4.2012
    but snipers are fun
  • ChristopherS 9.4.2012
    Get a death note. You don't need a sniper then. Just the person's full name, face and a pen.
  • dadebomb123 9.4.2012
    well that sucks

    where's my sniper
  • ChristopherS 9.4.2012
    P.S. I already wrote Justin Bieber in my real death note.
  • ChristopherS 9.4.2012
    All death notes use that. It's a rule of the death note. Look it up if you don't believe me. I should know. I have a death note phone app.
  • dadebomb123 9.4.2012
    First of all i know i fail at apelling you dont need to tell me

    "the death note only works if you use the persons full real name and picture their face in your head."
    well that sucks what kind of death note is that
  • dustutuft 5.4.2012
    Well done!:D
  • ChristopherS 4.4.2012
    First of all you fail at spelling. It's many not meny or memy.
    Secondly the death note only works if you use the persons full real name and picture their face in your head.
  • dadebomb123 4.4.2012
    fine by me

    1: justin bieber

    2: every chav in existance

    3: the headteacher at school

    4: tom criuse

    5: lady gaga

    6: red-necks

    7: hippies

    8: most of the human race

    and many, many more

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  • ChristopherS 4.4.2012
    Actualy this death note is here for other people to use if they wish. Anyone you want dead then go ahead. You know what to do.
  • MayFiolet 2.4.2012
    And.. Have you already written something in it?
  • Azzie13 1.4.2012
    don't write me in please ;)

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