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Mayan Comic

junior_t5 on 1. Apr, 2012 — Lang: English

Mayan Comic
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    First came rulers then nobles and priests then merchants and artisans then peasants then slaves.

    We never said the world is going to to end in 2012, we just stoped making our clander go beyond that point because we are not entirely sure what will happen.

    The woman did all the house work like cleaning and cooking. The farmed for hours and when they weren't farming they were hunting or working on temples. There were many special occasins were they didn't have to work like when a child was born.

    The Mayans were polytheistic and believed in over 160 Gods. priests performed many sacrafices. Pok-a-to was a game they played in which the losing teamed was sacraficed. Only the priest could understan the meaning of the sacred round.

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