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The SG court

ChristopherS on 1. Apr, 2012 — Lang: English

The SG court
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    Hello ladies and gentlemen of strip generator. Due to not so recent events of accusation, I have decided to open a court within which the people of this site can settle diputes amongst each other like a proper lawfull trial. I will act as lawyer for one side and help to hire a lawyer for the other. Each trial is guarenteed to be unbiased and just. Each case will be judged by a set judge and selected jury. So bring me your disputes for the court is now OPEN!

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  • dadebomb123 4.4.2012
    he must be geting older
  • dadebomb123 4.4.2012
    hmmm thats rather slow of him XD
  • ChristopherS 4.4.2012
    He did it all in 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001
    of a second. X)
  • dadebomb123 4.4.2012
    just ask chuck norris
  • ChristopherS 4.4.2012
    Don't worry. I'll get as much as I can done in that time.
  • dadebomb123 4.4.2012
    aww crap
  • ChristopherS 4.4.2012
    Only for the holidays.
  • dadebomb123 4.4.2012
    YAY youre back!
  • ChristopherS 4.4.2012
    I'm going to guess that means does it have approval from other people on the site.
    Answer: I set it up as a whim to help others settle disputes. This is only for settling disputes that can go either way such as wether or not someone has stolen someone else's idea. I just want to help.
  • Quag54 2.4.2012
    Does this have SG's approval ?
  • calm 1.4.2012
    This may be a good one to follow! :-)

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