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Vague picturebook

MayFiolet on 1. Apr, 2012 — Lang: No text

Vague picturebook
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  • abrotons 21.5.2012
    one of thiese days I'll try to draw something with lines, as you do
  • Magique 4.4.2012
  • Quag54 2.4.2012
    I'll take the one on the left !
  • kennyreid 1.4.2012
    combine them and it will look ace
  • ChristopherS 1.4.2012
    Manga is the best form of art there is. I'm a big fan of manga and I think a big fan of this strip. Faved.
  • ourWorld_Online 1.4.2012
    nice. i like the second one.
  • MayFiolet 1.4.2012
    Thank you ^^

    @ calm : I love drawing manga, and I find myself very good at it. Maybe I can post some of my sketches on sg :)
  • Fiolet 1.4.2012
    Nice one, sister! ;)
  • 35sheep 1.4.2012
  • calm 1.4.2012
    Your strips are amazing. I can't draw at all. I'll bet your sketches are fabulous too! :-)
  • opeluna1 1.4.2012
    very good

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