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Mayan Social Structure

makaela2017 on 1. Apr, 2012 — Lang: English

Mayan Social Structure
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    The Ruler
    The ruler was the highest on the social pyramid. They were the most important and had the highest authority. They thought they were half god and half human.

    I want another palace!!!!

    I'll get the peasants to start building.

    Nobles and Priests
    They were the only ones who knew how to read and write. They also were officials so they would pick up taxes and would lead the armies for war.

    Merchants and Artisans
    They had a lot more wealth than the people in the lower class. They also provided a source of goods.

    The next in the social pyramid is the Peasants. They would grow crops and they had more freedom than the slaves. They provided a source of goods.

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    They were the lowest on the social pyramid. They had to do manual labor. The slaves were war prisoners.

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