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QuickRedFox on 31. Mar, 2012 — Lang: English

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    Initializing phase 2 of Hanzo's plan... this may take a while.

    This strip is a reply to Guard #2, Cross-side.



    Two guards down, 28 samurai to go, Hanzō takes out his stash of sekkai and gunpowder...

    ...he then slowly sneaks up to the large comunal homes, laying baskets of sekkai near each window...

    ...carefully, he starts spreading the gunpowder atop the structures...

    The plan so far is flawless. The two guards at the far edge of the village have been taken care of, every window is setup with a basket of sekkai and the rooftops have been covered with gunpowder. Hanzō lays out some gunpowder tracks around the base of the buildings and everything is ready to be set aflame...

    It should take a while for anyone inside to realize there's a fire once it starts so Hanzō figures he'll have enough time to run about spilling jugs of water in the baskets to activate the sekkai.

    Hanzō takes a moment to compose himself. He knows it's all improvisation from here on. He pours some oil from a tiny bottle onto a piece of cotton cloth, then lights it with the spark from a flint stone...

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  • ourWorld_Online 1.4.2012
    fantastic story telling and art
  • Ambrosius77 1.4.2012
    The story getting deep too. excellent
  • OccamsRayzor 31.3.2012
    I love the style of these strips - brilliant detailing!
  • stihl 31.3.2012
  • opeluna1 31.3.2012
  • EdWilder 31.3.2012
    I love your graphic story telling...
  • 35sheep 31.3.2012
  • QuickRedFox 31.3.2012
    @Gota Thanks! Nice of you to notice! The breaks in the boxes also serve other purposes. Mainly, they let me fill a lot of empty space that I'm too lazy to draw into.

    Stripgenerator is a strenuous patience exercise.
  • Magique 31.3.2012
  • Gota 31.3.2012
    Love all the details in your comics, and the breaks in the text boxes to make it not look like just a wall of text.
  • calm 31.3.2012
    You are a master storyteller! I eagerly await your next strip! :-)
  • Zoltar 31.3.2012
    Another excellent page ! :)

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