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QuickRedFox on 28. Mar, 2012 — Lang: English

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    This strip is a reply to SG Drawing tip.



    Minamoto Yoshimitsu was a bad-ass mofo from the heian period (794-1185).

    So I get started stripgeneratin' this bad-ass lookin mofo. So far, not bad!

    I alrdy haz KATANA!

    Rockin! But here's my problem. When I draw on paper, at this point I start wire-framing my characters and usually with a couple crosses and bubbles I build a good dummy with a proper stance.

    In stripgenerator land, that's a bit of an exhausting exercise. There's already enough layer flippin' groupin' ungroupin' rotatin' and other culminatins' that I dont need the extra gymnastics of dealing with a wireframe. So bad-ass mofo turns into....


    Seriously, I need a better strategy!

    Do not fear me for I am a weak and pityful samurai! I am not even wearing my swords properly because samurai didn't wear their blades upwards until about the 1400's! And besides, my stance is totally off, it's like I want to die! You have to draw me another body dude! The great Yoshimitsu used to dissect the corpses of men killed in battle, to study them for lurnin' some nasty finish-him's. He did most certainly NOT look like a wimp!

    I must find the trick!, There must be a way!, How could I ever!, I need a better strategy!, Need to adjust technique!, Justify! Justify Left!, and other nonsensical tags!
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  • Boojamon 1.4.2012
    What I find is you need to use circles to create dynamic lines. Use a circle masked by an internal circle to get a nice, smooth sweep of a line.

    These are mostly used for legs in my comics because they give the impression of movement.
  • dodgeviper 30.3.2012
    nice blade you got there...
  • ThemrJack 30.3.2012
    like o/
  • Quag54 28.3.2012
    Don't be too hard on yourself @QuickRedFox.
    What you do takes a lot of patience. I love the faces
    you create here.
  • rukowski 28.3.2012
    @QRF it was a deliberate choice of words,language is a big part of what I do.
    Please reflect,I look forward to the outcome of me feeding your brain. ;)
  • QuickRedFox 28.3.2012
    @rukowski Hmmm. Funny you choose "reluctance". I'll have to reflect on that. Thanks. Food for thought as they say!
  • rukowski 28.3.2012
    these are really good
    cant help thinking that as an artist you have much more to show
    I find your reluctance to vary facial expression puzzling because I can see that you are more than capable

  • Maoriman 28.3.2012
    He looks good to me. His Yukata looks like it could be drawn in a little more at the waist. I would say his bottom hand position is a little high as some exponents of the katana have the little finger off the bottom of the katana and around underneath it so there is no possibility that it would slip through the hands (this may be a contemporary practise though)... but what am I saying...who would even be able to produce such detail on S.G with the limited tools here.
    Until you came along, I would have thought it was very unlikely...
    Brilliant samurai again dude...
  • calm 28.3.2012
    And even harder when you don't can't draw at all. :-)
  • QuickRedFox 28.3.2012
    Stripgenerator is hard.
  • calm 28.3.2012
    Yes...In fact I googled Minamoto Yoshimitsu to learn more about him.

    As far as learning SG tips...since I'm not an artist, no. I have few techniques down... I love finding artists like you who I can live through vicariously. :-)
  • QuickRedFox 28.3.2012
    I shall name this technique "teaching samurai history by means of artistic complaint"... or is that too long?
  • QuickRedFox 28.3.2012
    @calm But you did learn some things right right? ;)
  • calm 28.3.2012
    Gosh, the details are amazing! I can't understand how you could be unhappy with his...a wimp is not the word I would ever use to describe him. I'm loving your work! :-)
  • opeluna1 28.3.2012
    best series ever

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