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Guard #1, Corner Pocket

QuickRedFox on 27. Mar, 2012 — Lang: English

Guard #1, Corner Pocket
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  • genmaes 4.4.2012
    What ambrosius77 says its true the comics are dificult to follow for casual viwers and also me that I love samurai it takes me some time to follow your work due to time reasons. But your series are amathing and of course It should have more likes for sure.
  • ThemrJack 30.3.2012
    WOW, fantastic
  • calm 29.3.2012
    I missed this one! Each panel is a treat to view. My goodness, you do know how to tell a story! :-)
  • ourWorld_Online 28.3.2012
    wow! fantastic art and action scene.
  • Magique 27.3.2012
  • QuickRedFox 27.3.2012
    @Ambrosius77 Thanks a lot! Your comment is really encouraging and will keep me going!

    I've pretty much figured out how some peeps on here "game" the home page but I have seriously no intentions or time to waste doing that. I spend enough time on the strips already, sometimes I have to do actual work to earn my living. I do find it sad though that sometimes the "strip reply" section on the home page is filled by <cough> one person but I guess some ppl need attention more than others.
  • NBSloth 27.3.2012
  • 35sheep 27.3.2012
    He did show him self ...
  • BaalMoloch 27.3.2012
    awesome like always
  • Zoltar 27.3.2012
    FUNtastic !! FAVS !! BTW how long did it take to do it ????? :O
  • Maoriman 27.3.2012
    What A77 said...
  • Quag54 27.3.2012
    All I can say is "PopPSsllllsh !"
  • benjamin895 27.3.2012
    brilliant stuff.. your art is amazing mate

    well done:)
  • Ambrosius77 27.3.2012
    You are a brilliant comic maker.

    Do not bother about the thumbs, definitly Your series has the greatest quality at the moment on this site.

    To tell the truth I am here since 3 years and never ever seen any true comic series with the quality like this here.

    Repect and have a lot of fun making these little gems :D
  • Maoriman 27.3.2012
    Great comic style... why are these not getting more thumbs:?
  • cirkuz 27.3.2012
    nice comic style
  • opeluna1 27.3.2012

    bloody hell!

    love it

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