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QuickRedFox on 26. Mar, 2012 — Lang: English

Suggestions Pleaze
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  • Fiolet 1.4.2012
    WHAAAA O__O Amazing effect, that is! The figure looks from the maffia, en the bullets on the wall look so real.. Fantastic!
  • QuickRedFox 27.3.2012
    @abrotons Funny, I've seen almost every kurosawa movie except that one. You people rocks! Keep 'em comming!
  • benjamin895 27.3.2012
    dont know of the movies but the tattoo art is amazing!
  • abrotons 26.3.2012
    Drunken angel, by Kurosawa. A classic,
  • QuickRedFox 26.3.2012
    @Ada, @maori and @kenny Thanks a lot!

    @Ada, @maori Takeshi, of course! Duh!
  • Magique 26.3.2012
    no idea
    Great style !
  • Maoriman 26.3.2012
    Try Jingi Naki Tatakai. Not sure of the English title.
    If you haven't seen it yet, Beat Takeshi's Zatoichi is bloody awesome too - but that's a Samurai movie...
  • opeluna1 26.3.2012
    no idea
    I just like their tatoo art
  • kennyreid 26.3.2012
    Gozu for a bizzare nightmare like yakuza film

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