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Boojamon on 23. Mar, 2012 — Lang: No text

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  • Detective 10.12.2013
  • MadameCercle 10.12.2013
    ◑ === Strip Extra.
  • syke 10.6.2012
    hahahaha!! i understood it.
  • MJardin 17.4.2012
    You convey quite a bit with your characters' body language.
  • Boojamon 25.3.2012
    @MadameCercle You honour me <3
  • kennyreid 25.3.2012
    Love it love it love it. No clouds love that
  • Maoriman 25.3.2012
    I have been back to see this so many times... I can't believe I haven't commented on it... well if this has been in your mind since 2009, it has been well worth the wait...
  • MadameCercle 24.3.2012
    Cette planche est remarquable !
  • mollerina98 24.3.2012
    lol! thats cute :P
  • Magique 24.3.2012
  • ourWorld_Online 24.3.2012
    woh, really nice stuff. faved
  • asfaltocaldo 24.3.2012
    awww so enjoyable! love this kinf of comics!
    idem as calm, happy to have discovered you - sheep is a really awesome person, as gregheffleydude1 once said
    will follow you on deviant for sure
  • markmahem 24.3.2012
    This is an amazing strip! I could totally see this getting published! :)
  • Boojamon 24.3.2012
    @35sheep haha thanks, Sheep! You're like my own advertising agent!
  • 35sheep 24.3.2012
    Brilliant! And as Ambrosius writes: Check out Boojamons Devianart-account - It's just as cool:
  • benjamin895 24.3.2012
    loving this style and the unique characters..
  • calm 23.3.2012
    What a treat to have discovered this! I need to look at your other work now!
    Faving...your characters are fabulous! :-)
  • Argami 23.3.2012
    Fantastic! Like all your strips! I will follow you closely.
  • BaalMoloch 23.3.2012
    fantastic !
  • Ambrosius77 23.3.2012
    More more MORE of this!!!

    I follow you on deviantart too. Your works are so unique and inspiring.

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