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Tutorial - How To Not Make Das Hund Angry

vogelbekdier on 19. Mar, 2012 — Lang: English

Tutorial - How To Not Make Das Hund Angry
  • Description

    This tutorial shows you how you can use parts of all prefab SG items in a creative manner.

    This strip is a reply to SG for DUMMIES Contest!



    So do not take the black circle from the list of shapes under items

    How To Not Make Das Hund Angry

    Do not grab 'mr. blobby' from page 2 of the list of beings under characters

    Do not mask the mouth of this creature by not following the next steps:

    Do not place it on it's face and make it an oval and lower the opacity so you can watch through it and can better see what you're doing

    Do not use the Zoom function in the upper right corner of the screen, so you cannot make the form fit as best as possible

    Do not set the opacity of the oval to 100% again and then select the being, then hit the mask button, then click the oval, and then the mask button again

    If you did not follow the steps you gladly should not get this result

    Last steps not to take! Or please return!

    Do not grab Das Hund away from under beings and place the mouth on top of his mouth and do not make his eye mad

    By following this tutorial carefully you did not make Das Hund angry and thus contributed to a much better world with clean carpets

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