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How To Not Make A Strip Contest - Tutorial

vogelbekdier on 18. Mar, 2012 — Lang: English

How To Not Make A Strip Contest - Tutorial
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    How to not make a Strip Contest

    Do not think of anything you can make a contest about. If you accidentally think of something about which you could make a nice contest, strike this thougt immediately! Go do something else.
    Better to not think at all than about creating a contest!

    If you want to give someone a prize, do never make a contest for that! Just make the prize and give it away without expecting an entry. Think in terms of giving and not in terms of earning.

    Tell people they can use all kinds of things. Beings, objects, themepacks, elements etc.. Think for example of Chorzo and giraffes. Advice people to use them thingy's as much as possible. Except this one of course.

    Do never set a deadline! Just let the people go about their business. Setting a deadline can make people think of a contest and make them all nervous and stressed out.


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    Das Hund bless you

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