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Warm and Cool

vogelbekdier on 18. Mar, 2012 — Lang: No text

Warm and Cool
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    All layers 10% opacity, background black.
    I have made a hexagon of the 3 primary colors of SG and their opposites from 6 masked triangles. You need the service pack colors though. You can find the form in my elements or in my earlier colorstudy-stips.
    I placed one on the page on a black background with opacity 10%.
    Next "Ctrl-click" to make a copy on the exact same place as the first. Then "Shift-arrow-left" to place it an exact distance to the left. And so forth till the page was filled :-)

    Edit2: At the top you get the warm colors (yellow, red and pink) all mixed. At the bottom the cool colors (blue, green and 'cyan').

    color, colorstudy
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