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Unfinished Business

MJardin on 16. Mar, 2012 — Lang: No text

Unfinished Business
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    Man, the Kio-style stellar background with dark blue is an engine-killer. This was my fourth try with it and I thought I was going to lose it again. I wanted to do a lot more with it, but it!

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  • stihl 30.8.2012
  • Fizzle 19.3.2012
  • ourWorld_Online 19.3.2012
  • benjamin895 16.3.2012
    yep, as your skills and confindence grow, adobe says.. no you don't;)

    love the texture on the orange planet.. well done:)
  • Maoriman 16.3.2012
  • Ambrosius77 16.3.2012
    blur is the engine killer

    the biggest engine killer is masked object with blur and lowered opacity on top each other. try to avoid using all 3 options in the same time.
  • Ambrosius77 16.3.2012
    Clean, colorful and beautiful. favd
  • vogelbekdier 16.3.2012
    very cool!
  • opeluna1 16.3.2012
    looks very good
  • MJardin 16.3.2012
    @HP82, I kept getting the 'unresponsive' and 'plug-in not working' messages on previous attempts. See the description.
  • hellopeople82 16.3.2012
    Nice! Why is it unfinished?

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