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Hanzō's Plan

QuickRedFox on 14. Mar, 2012 — Lang: English

Hanzō's Plan
  • This strip is a reply to It's like chess.



    They keep a guard in front of the granary and another at the communal home. I suspect the granary is empty at this time of the year and each must be housing a portion of the 24 other men and another portion in the communal home.

    They also keep two guards at each end of the village...

    I'll start with this one! I can make my way up the rice fields and sneak up behind the dry-dock...

    I 'll have to lure him out so the other one doesnt suspect the plot.

    If the others are alerted at this point, well at least I have distance, otherwise the villager's houses will give me a great sneaking advantage.


    Sensei, I plan on setting roof fires on the granary and communal home.

    I need something to make sure they burn fast...

    And poison smoke, I need to make a fire so harsh it will tear out their lungs!

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  • genmaes 4.4.2012
  • Magique 24.3.2012
  • ourWorld_Online 22.3.2012
    a fire with hands
  • Maoriman 15.3.2012
  • QuickRedFox 14.3.2012
    @Marle. Kill? Who said anything about killing? Luring them out in a very discomforting fashion maybe?
  • Marle 14.3.2012
    Well, that's a really slow way to kill someone..
  • opeluna1 14.3.2012
  • Ambrosius77 14.3.2012
    It rocks
  • calm 14.3.2012
    I started way your art. I will have to continue my journey through your strips tomorrow. I'm off to bed. :-)
  • calm 14.3.2012
    I will have to do that! :-)
  • QuickRedFox 14.3.2012
    @calm You can click the last link in each "This is a strip reply to" to follow the story backwards to the first page. This is page 8 or 9 I forget.
  • calm 14.3.2012
    Another treasure...for me!
    Your character is awesome! :-)

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