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Layer City

Kio on 13. Mar, 2012 — Lang: No text

Layer City
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  • Ancyd 1.6.2012
    Awesome! Totally agree with Maoriman!
  • ourWorld_Online 15.3.2012
    Very nice style.
  • Kio 14.3.2012
    Thank you friends! :)
    I am waiting for the colors to arrive here, on Stripgenerator. I think my "layerisation" would be more prettier with some beautiful colors; not just gray.
    - I have some ideas, however; I need the green and yellow colors. (or every color I can get)

    Time will show!
  • Marle 14.3.2012
    Really good, I love the different shades.
  • NeoChomik 14.3.2012
    Another nice landscape
  • Argami 14.3.2012
    I like it!! Specially your use of dark colors :)
  • Kio 14.3.2012
    Thank you all! :)
    @Maoriman: That is not a bad idea! Maybe in life, when I suddenly feels like creating a PC-game; I'll use it as a background for a scene in the game! :)
  • Magique 14.3.2012
  • calm 14.3.2012
    Layerisation! Cool term & strip. :-)
  • vogelbekdier 14.3.2012
    great this!
  • opeluna1 14.3.2012
    very good
    I bet it would look very interesting in shades of a colour
  • Maoriman 14.3.2012
    I'm telling you girl... you could use these as the background for a computer game...
  • Ambrosius77 14.3.2012
    very good!
    But where is Batman? :D

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