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Neinire on 12. Mar, 2012 — Lang: No text

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    not to good, I need colour font!

    This strip is a reply to Manga
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  • Longer 12.5.2012
    Škoda, že Trpaslicon je o zkouškové, hned bych zašel. Byl jsem jen na jednom v roce 2006. Už se těším na novou sérii!
  • Magique 14.3.2012
  • kennyreid 14.3.2012
    bring on series ten, gonna be soooooo sweet
  • Neinire 13.3.2012
    I was on Trpasli-con con about Red Dwarf, It was perfect! I looking forward 10 series
  • genmaes 13.3.2012
    It was a great comedy
  • Maoriman 12.3.2012
  • NeoChomik 12.3.2012
    Still works for me.
  • Elgar 12.3.2012
    Nejlepší seriál vůbec :D
  • kennyreid 12.3.2012
    BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!

    its cold outside,
    there's no kinda atmosphere
  • wich 12.3.2012
    Dobře !!!!!!!!! RD JE NEJ SIT-COM NA SVĚTĚ !!!!!!
    Taky čekuješ ???
  • MJardin 12.3.2012
    Awesome. I love this show.
  • Marle 12.3.2012
    The red looks great on the black background :-)
  • opeluna1 12.3.2012
    Very good!
    I know it takes a lot of effort and time to do fonts in SG
  • stihl 12.3.2012
  • Kio 12.3.2012
    true.. it ain't looking good...... It is looking GREAT! :D (with BIG letters!!)
  • asfaltocaldo 12.3.2012
    like it, it's cute - and love black-white-red compositions!

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