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'How to shade - II' - for JacobDS

35sheep on 9. Nov, 2007 — Lang: English

'How to shade - II' - for JacobDS
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  • bluesockmonkey 12.7.2011
    good tutorial...
  • JacobDS 12.12.2007
    I've found how to use it, just cant figure out a use for it.
  • Yizziee 27.11.2007
    cool and easy well done 10x
  • 35sheep 11.11.2007
    I know Platowe, but when people ask me ...
  • Platowe 10.11.2007
    Nice tutorial--but it is fun figuring all this out by oneself--which I encourage strippers to do!
  • 35sheep 10.11.2007
    The grey line, is the very first line in 'shapes'
  • JacobDS 10.11.2007
    I just cant do it for some reason!
  • JacobDS 10.11.2007
    Haha! Just for me?!!? Thanks! But which is the gray line?
  • 35sheep 9.11.2007
    It's not THAT time consuming: You copy back and forth between two frames: 1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128 ...

    If you put a black square behind the white lines, you get different shades of grey.

    And no, I did not have ANYTHING to do with making StripGenerator (Then I would give myself blue!!! ;-D)
  • Dorota 9.11.2007
    contrivance :DDD
  • Yaza 9.11.2007
    great manual of stripgenerator ;)
  • flemgod 9.11.2007
    you have a lot of patience ;)
  • mepltorp 9.11.2007
    admit it 35sheep, you made stripgenerator!!!
  • Casostrano 9.11.2007
    You work for IKEA?
  • hansolo 9.11.2007
    Thanks a lot for the lesson!!!
    But making a grey block is a little time wasting....
  • ASHA 9.11.2007
    Thanks for instruction !!!

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