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Manga in 6hours

Magique on 9. Mar, 2012 — Lang: No text

Manga in 6hours
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  • benjamin895 2.4.2012
    good work:)
  • abrotons 31.3.2012
  • MJardin 12.3.2012
    His jacket matches his eyes...eye. Aye-aye.
  • jasperVII 12.3.2012
    wow nice
  • wich 10.3.2012
    6 hours ? It is so sad ...
  • Quag54 10.3.2012
    hope it didn't take 6 hours
  • Magique 10.3.2012
  • QuickRedFox 10.3.2012
  • vogelbekdier 10.3.2012
  • Magique 10.3.2012
    Français. Turc. Un peu anglais. Trilingue x)
  • QuickRedFox 10.3.2012
    C dur faire du stripgenerator ET suivre un modele en plus! ALP!
  • vogelbekdier 10.3.2012
    un petit petit peu... je ne parles pas francais actually
    6 hours maby i'll try it when i am god.
  • QuickRedFox 10.3.2012
    Quebec. Canada. Bilingue :)
  • Magique 10.3.2012
    Ouais, j'habite en france donc je parle parle français x) et toi ?
  • QuickRedFox 10.3.2012
    Je me trompe ou tu parles francais?
  • Magique 10.3.2012
    First thank you for your "advice" I does not like to use this "technique" :)
    Yeah, a little abused jai lai I do not probably done six hours but jai spend time doing this x)
  • QuickRedFox 10.3.2012
    6... Ok, wait a minute, this isn't helping.... Need tips? By biggest "trick" is to use the half circle to draw curved lines. One black, and one white that I offset a bit a stretch to my liking. I'm telling you this because this simple little trick helped me speed up my SG drawing to about half the time it used to take. The half circle rocks. And then you detail with the curved line shape.
  • gregheffleydude1 9.3.2012
    6 hours?
  • krzysztof 9.3.2012
  • NeoChomik 9.3.2012
    quite hard to believe.

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